Our Services

teaching-with-blocksYour child’s ABA-based treatment can take place in a variety of settings from anywhere between 10 to 40 hours per week to best meet your child’s needs. Three primary settings in which we provide treatment are ABI’s MaryAnn Carol Center, your child’s home, and your child’s school. Your child may receive treatment in any one or in a combination of settings. For example, some of the children we serve receive treatment both at home and at school and also attend the social skills group at our center. Other children receive one-to-one treatment at home and in our center. Yet others receive treatment only at school and so on. We will discuss the optimal location(s) for your child’s therapy and recommended treatment hours when you contact us and during our intake process, but have included some introductory information here.

Home-Based ABA Treatment

We provide one-on-one ABA therapy in your home, focusing on your child’s core skill deficits and behavior challenges. The number of hours per week of treatment and specific goals depend on your child’s individual needs.

Center-Based ABA Treatment

One-on-one ABA-based therapy in our MaryAnn Carol center is available as an alternative or addition to home-based therapy.

School-Based ABA Treatment

We provide one-to-one ABA-based support at school to ensure our clients use learned communication, play, social, academic and self-management skills in the classroom and on the playground. We also develop a behavior support plan to reduce and replace challenging behaviors that may interfere with your child’s learning.

Program Design and Supervision

Whether your child receives ABA treatment in our center, at home, in school, or in a combination of settings, your child’s treatment will be overseen by a program supervisor.   Your program supervisor will develop your child’s treatment plan and ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

Parent Training

One component of our home and center-based ABA treatment is to educate parents and other caregivers in specific ABA techniques, as research suggests that parental involvement enhances the effectiveness of treatment.   Parent training typically involves teaching parents how to teach their child new skills, how to ensure their child uses skills learned during therapy sessions throughout their day, and / or how to manage specific challenging behaviors.

Social Skills Groups

At ABI, the goal of our social skills groups is to create an environment where our kids can socialize with peers and learn skills that promote ongoing peer interaction outside of the group setting.

Areas We Serve

At Autism Behavior Intervention (ABI), we provide state-of-the-art ABA-based treatment to children and adolescents in areas of Los Angeles County including the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Central Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena.   If you are not sure if we serve your area, please contact us.